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Opening Times
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SAT NAV (HU1 4DP) 15 mins walk from Hull City Centre

The Deep Virtual Tour

Here are some of the exciting exhibits you will encounter on your visit to The Deep. With over 1,000 species to see, it is sure to be a fun-filled day out for everyone! Don’t forget to check our what’s on guide for special events as well.

The Awakening Seas

Awakening Seas
Exploring over 4 billion years of ocean history from giant scorpions to megalodon sharks! Click to take the virtual tour

Lagoon of Light

Lagoon of Light
See fish that walk on land and the underwater reef at our breathtaking tropical lagoon. Get up close with creatures of the sea in our fun discovery sessions. Click to take the virtual tour

Endless Oceans

Endless Oceans
2.5 million litres of water and 87 tonnes of salt make this display home to some of the most incredible animals in the sea. Watch out for the green sawfish, giant rays and a whole host of other sharks! Catch our dive show here at 2pm. It tells the amazing story of the world’s oceans (Monday to Friday, subject to change) Click to take the virtual tour


Discover the secrets of slime and the animals whose lives depend on it. Click to take the virtual tour

Amazon Flooded Forest

Flooded Forest

Discover the stunning species of the Amazon and visit the Explorers’ Den. Click to take the virtual tour

Come and see our new Gentoo Penguins

Gentoo Penguins
Discover our new resident Gentoo Penguins, in their new home in the Kingdom of Ice. Click here to see more

Manta ray film
Learn more about our exciting work to protect manta rays in Sudan

Manta Ray Film
Roll up, roll up

Roll up, roll up
for the tiniest sporting event! See who’s the biggest, strongest and fiercest.

Cool Seas
Journey to the
depths of the ocean
and learn about the
lifecycle of a jellyfish! Click to take the virtual tour

Kingdom of Ice
Walk through the
Kingdom of Ice
and touch the
real ice walls.

Kingdom of Ice
Deep Blue One

Deep Blue One
Join Deep Blue One on
its latest mission to
discover the animals that
live in endangered
habitats in some of the
world’s major river
systems. Little ones can
also let off steam in our
soft play area. Click to take the virtual tour

Viewing tunnel
Walk through Europe’s deepest viewing tunnel and see our amazing animals swim over
your head. Click to take the virtual tour

Viewing tunnel

Back to the Surface!
Finally rise up through the 10 metre tank in our famous glass lift or take a walk up the scenic stars.
Click to take the virtual tour

Starfish at The Deep