Conquer your fears of creepy crawlies in our bugs’ exhibit and discover the marvellous miniature world right under our noses.

From camouflage to colours, sharp fangs to potent venoms, these tiny creatures have more strength than first meets the eye. Many are masters of disguise, so you will need to have your wits about you to spot them. Take your time, soon small movements and shapes will begin to reveal the bigger picture of their tiny world.

See nine different species of invertebrate, some of which can’t be seen anywhere else in the UK. From the Green bottle blue tarantula to the leafy Katydid, the colourful Flower beetle to the stripy Tiger centipede, there’s sure to be something to ‘weta’ your appetite.

Fast growth teamed with speedy reproductive rates support their vast numbers. It is thought that insects could outnumber humans by as much as 200 million to one. 

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Meet the Stars

Here you can see some of the stars of Bugs, so make sure to look out for them on your way round.

Question mark cockroach

This beautiful species of cockroach is so named for the question mark pattern on its wings. At only 2-3cm in length it feeds on leaf litter and fallen fruits.Once mature they reproduce fast, but nymphs can take up to 3 months to hatch.

Bullshead cockroach

Cockroaches have adapted to live in virtually every habitat on the globe! These opportunistic feeders consume dead plants and animals, helping to recycle nutrients and mix the soil.

Green bottle blue tarantula

This striking ground dwelling spider lines its burrow with web-like silken threads to stop it from collapsing. This also doubles as a trap to ensnare prey right on its doorstep.


Although known as a 'whip scorpion', the vinegaroon is not venomous. They are nocturnal and feed on insects such as grasshoppers, cockroaches and crickets which they catch and crush in their long pincers. When threatened, they can release a concentrated acid which smells of vinegar.

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