Go on a journey with Slimon the snail to discover the slippery, yet sticky, world of slime and the animals whose lives depend on it. Explore this bright and interactive area and learn about some of the animals who use slime to move around, catch their prey or create a poisonous mucus. 

All slime contains the same basic things: sugar, protein and water. The type of sugar and protein determines how sticky the slime is.

Slime is made inside special cells as small packets which are completely dry until outside the cell when they break open. They then soak up water quickly and the slime swells up to 100 times its volume. The more water it absorbs, the more slippery it becomes.

There are animals of every shape, size and colour in slime. Watch as the clownfish dart in and out of its anemone home and see if you can spot the brightly coloured Poison arrow frogs. Play peek-a-boo with our spotty Garden eels as they pop out of their sandy burrows – made with a slimy cement.

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Meet the Stars

Here you can see some of the stars of Slime, so make sure to look out for them on your way round.

Common clownfish

Clownfish live among the tentacles of tropical anemones without being stung. It has a thick coat of special slime so an anemone doesn’t recognise that it is a fish at all.

Garden eel

Associated with coral reefs this small eel lives in colonies of several hundred individuals. After digging a burrow with its modified tail, the eel secretes a slimy cement to prevent its new home from collapsing.

Blue poison arrow frog

These colourful little frogs live on the forest floor of the Amazon rainforest near streams and ponds. Eating small insects, its bright colours warn predators that it is highly poisonous.

Scribbled pipefish

The pipefish has a much slender body than its seahorse cousins. The small and narrow mouth is actually toothless, perfect for creating a strong vacuum to suck up their prey.

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