16th October 2018

We are delighted to welcome a series of stunning carbon fibre sculptures from artist Alastair Gibson, which will be on show in the aquarium until mid January 2019. Following on from the installation of ‘aero manta’ earlier this year, the world renowned carbon fibre sculptor has developed an exciting and different body of work to compliment strong, yet delicate balance of the marine environment.

Three of Alistair’s newest creations, the ‘carbon starfish’ can be seen, submerged amongst the living reefs within the Lagoon of Light. Alongside this display, the ‘j hammer’ hammerhead shark offers up some great photo opportunities.

‘Distressed mackerel’ is a beacon within the plastic display in Cool Seas. The striking blue of the fish and the trailing tendrils create movement amongst the devastation, bringing to light the damage that plastic is having on the creatures of our world’s oceans.

The ‘carbon dory’ can be found at the entrance to the Cool Seas Zone and ‘carbon humboldt’ is suspended within the third floor gallery.

Alastair’s work has been exhibited world wide and his sculptures have been purchased by collectors in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East and South Africa. Alastair’s work can be viewed in selected galleries in the UK, the United States, Europe, Russia, Dubai and South Africa.

Alastair's interest in motor racing was influenced by his father and an education in balance-engineering, Alastair set off to Europe with an ambition to work in the motor sport industry. This resulted in a career of twenty two years, fourteen of which were in formula one, four as lead mechanic for the Benetton F1 Team and ten as race team chief mechanic for the BAR and Honda Grand Prix Teams.

Drawing similarities between modern motorsport engineering and his love for the natural world, Alastair uses his acquired engineering skills and experience to recycle F1 car parts sourced from Grand Prix teams to show his passion for art through his signature medium of carbon fibre sculpture.

Now in his tenth year as a full time artist, Alastair is being recognised as a forerunner in carbon fibre sculpture and with his team is undertaking a variety of projects including private commissions, installations, a lifestyle product collection and new work in his bespoke studio ‘studio 45’ near Oxford, England.

There will be an exciting opportunity to meet with Alastair on Wednesday 28th November where he will be giving a talk about his work. Guests will also have the opportunity to explore the sculptures at their leisure when the aquarium is closed to the public. To book tickets, please click here



17th September 2018

The Deep’s reception is adorned with the striking, yet devastating, image of plastic pollution and the effects that it is having on our oceans and the coastal environment.

Depicted through the stunning works of local artist, Nikita Spires, she has managed to capture the dramatic statement of a ‘throw-away society’ in a bold and thought provoking artwork titled: One Use, No Life.

Nikita was born in South Africa and raised in the UK. She has grown up with memories of swimming in seas across the world; creating a lasting connection with the ocean.

Nikita explains “I was inspired to create this piece after hearing parents explaining the impacts of plastics in the ocean to their children, right here at The Deep. Plastics linger in the ocean for thousands of years. As they break down, they are working their way into the food chain, and without knowing it, we too are consuming it. I go to the beach to find calmness, to heal, but recently I found that the ocean itself needs to heal and needs a break from us…..”

Having studied art for her GCSE and A Levels she is now undertaking an Art Diploma. She has a vision to leave a lasting impression on the world through her creativity. Although forever encouraged by family and friends, she has already experienced adversity from others. But she won’t let this dampen her spirits. Her sheer determination to fulfil her goal is nothing short of inspirational. This is just the beginning of her journey.

Nikita has also recently contributed to the Tide and Bell #200fish project which saw 200 artists come together to raise awareness of the incredible biodiversity within the North Sea. Artworks were created to highlight 200 species of fish found within the temperate North Sea habitat.

To follow Nikita’s work, you can find her on Instagram at @nikita.spires

Banner Science Festival Success

Science Festival Success

13th September 2018

The British Science Festival, Europe’s longest standing science Festival has been taking place in Hull and the Humber this week and we were very excited to host 'The Deep Late', attracting over 1,000 people. 

Visitors were able to view the exhibits after hours and interact with Deep experts as well as a number of external organisations including Hull University, the University of York, Zoological Society of London and the University of Plymouth.

20 stands were placed around the building, each with their own expert on topics such as coral reefs and their fight for survival, how animals use bio-luminescence within the oceans, the evolution and bio-medical uses of toxins and venoms and how fish communicate under water.

Highlights of the nights included a pioneering study to measure the postive impacts of aquariums on mental health and well being and CSI of the sea, featuring a live dissection of a Harbour porpoise exploring why cetaceans strand around the UK’s coast.

It's been a fantastic week so far, and there are still more events to see. All are free to attend and you can see a full list of what is still to come here!

Banner The Deep debut on Big Week at the Zoo

The Deep debut on Big Week at the Zoo

22nd August 2018

It was fantastic seeing Emma, our Penguin Keeper, last night on Channel 5’s Big Week at the Zoo - It goes without saying that being involved in the programme is really exciting!

It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase what The Deep is about, not only to our loyal visitors, but to the entire country. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes, from the level of care we provide for our animals to the crucial research and activity for species conservation… it’s really great to be able to get more of that information out there – especially so, because it comes directly from those that look after these animals day in day out.

Education and awareness is a key component for us (zoos and aquariums) to succeed, and this programme is all about that. By celebrating the crucial work - the un-seen work - that goes on behind the scenes within a selection of some of the UK best zoos and aquariums, it is hoped that we can be seen as more than ‘just a good day out. We want everyone to know that just by visiting and supporting your BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) zoo or aquarium, you are contributing to species conservation across the globe. You are making a difference.

The work achieved for penguin conservation alone is a prime example of that. Since their arrival in 2014 our colony of Gentoo penguins have become ambassadors for their wild counterparts. All of our penguins have been bred in zoos, and by having them under care, not only can we contribute to crucial breeding programmes but we can inspire and raise awareness of the threats they face. Getting up close and personal is important for developing an emotional connection. An animals sound and smell becomes seated deep in a person’s memory, it heightens the senses – and ultimately makes you truly care about them.

Over the past 4 years through public donation, we have been able to raise over £80,000 for global penguin conservation initiatives. This money has assisted in fundamental chick rearing to bolster the populations for the endangered African Penguin in South Africa and research into population monitoring and management of the endangered Galapagos Penguin in South America. However even more importantly, the money has been able to fund the development of the global IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Penguin Conservation Strategy which will go on to inform conservation action for all 18 species of penguin across the world.

Those that have watched the show so far will have seen that we had the pleasure of One Show presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff join us at The Deep.  Miranda was brilliant to work with – she really got stuck in cleaning out our penguins. We can’t wait to see what happens on Friday when she meets our Loggerhead sea turtles Sensa and Mabouche…. tune in at 8pm, Channel 5 to find out!



13th August 2018

We are so excited to finally announce that The Deep will be featuring in the channel 5 TV show 'Big Week at the Zoo'. Tune in and see Miranda Krestovnikoff joining our Aquarists as they care for our penguins, feed the sea turtles and release the juvenile Zebra sharks in their new home in Endless ocean.

Going live from Monday 20th August at 8pm, this week long show will take you behind the scenes at some of the UK's most well known zoos and aquariums. See what it takes to look after some of the worlds most endangered species and the work that goes into their conservation across the globe.

See the full line up here

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