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29th December 2017

Throughout 2017, the media was flooded with notions of how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. In light of this, and our dedication to protect our world’s oceans, we have been working hard to not only to improve our own environmental footprint, but also to make it easier for our visitors too! 

We are delighted to see other businesses in Hull joining this movement, providing alternatives to plastic straws, in an effort to make Hull plastic straw free! Together we can reduce our impact on the environment. Here are some of our highlights:

EYB oil

Working with local company EYB Oil we can now dispose of our cooking oils in the most ingenious way – not only is it eco-friendly, but the oil is converted into energy!

Re-useable straws

We have introduced a range of eco-friendly straws for sale in our gift shop. Available in three different materials – wheat, bamboo and stainless steel, they are natural and durable and be cleaned to minimise usage of plastic straws.

Sustainable stationary

Made from recycled paper and plastics, you can buy a range of pens, pencils and notebooks in a range of fun colours and designs in our gift shop.

Bamboo bowls and beakers

Hard wearing, durable and 100% natural, you can buy these biodegradable cups and bowls in a range of fun designs in our shop, the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Ethical fashion

Replace those plastic bags with hard wearing, reusable fabric tote bags. Available from our shop in a variety of designs, they showcase some of our most popular animals. Baseball caps are also available, created from 100% recycled materials, 5 plastic bottles go into every hat!


The packaging, cups and straws in our café are now 100% compostable thanks to our partnership with Vegware. It may look as it is made from plastic, but it is in fact completely plant based! Once used, it can be broken down along with food waste and re-used to provide nutrients to soil.


By joining forces with Aquariums around the world we were able to create a heightened global awareness of marine litter as part of the #OurOcean campaign. Visitors to the attraction can see one of our displays filled with rubbish collected from our local coastline.


Staff at The Deep have pledged their commitment to the OneLess Campaign in the fight against marine plastic. By selling refillable bottles in our shop, we want to get as many visitors on board too! Available in a variety of colours and styles, including thermal cups – there is a design to suit all tastes. 



6th December 2017

The Deeps own coral expert, aquarist Seb Prajsnar has returned from a successful research trip to Curacao with leading coral conversation organisation SECORE (SExual COral REproduction). This is the second time Seb has visited this location and an example of a successful collaboration between organisations and research institutes allowing different ideas to be tried and tested, and improvements to techniques to be made.

During this trip Seb attended lectures and workshops where he studied new research about coral breeding techniques, which we have been able to implement here behind the scenes at The Deep with Brooder corals and are studied by Hull University Students.

Another element of the research trip were the nightly dives to check the corals for spawning and collection. Most corals spawn once a year, observations by SECORE allowed the team to pin point the spawning time to the minute.

Every night the team would dive looking for the egg bundles on the surface of the corals, they then place nets over to capture them. In the lab the egg bundles develop into actively swimming larvae, which later settle on special tiles to be out planted back into the reefs. Some species collected on these dive trips are listed as endangered on the IUCN Red list, this is due to the change in environment which affects the breeding process.

During the workshop divers were able to replant the Aceropora Palmata (Elkhorn coral), which were collected in previous months by SECORE. Their progress will be monitored over the next few months, gradually reducing checks as they become more settled in the reef.

Corals have existed for more than 400 million years, todays changes in the environment are happening faster than their ability to adapt. Coral reefs are facing multiple threats including pollution, overfishing, climate change and ocean acidification. Currently over 30% of coral reefs are seriously damaged, with up to 60% being lost in the next 20 years.



5th December 2017

Staff at The Deep are honoured to have recieved an award from the Shark Trust for the sale of their charity badges on site at the aquarium. Since making them available in June £548 has already been raised, contributing to shark conservation efforts across the globe.

The Shark Trust is a charity, dedicated to raising awareness about the shark species that populate our world's oceans and the important role these predators play in keeping their delicate ecosytems in balance. Through education and fundraising they are raising the profile of these midunderstood creatures and working to safeguard their populations for future generations. At just £2 per badge, their sale generates essential funds to continue their mission, not only overseas, but protecting those sharks on our doorstep in UK waters.

We also have RSPB charity badges available for sale, again, with the funds raised going directly to the RSPB for their wildlife conservation efforts. During the years 2016 and 2017 The Deep has helped raised £1370.05 through badge sales alone, contributing to the incredible regional total of £227,227.00

The Deep offers naturally moulted Gentoo penguin feathers for sale at 50p each. A lasting memento, the funds raised go straight back into The Deeps conservation efforts, both in house and across the globe.

We would like to thank our visitors for their continued support of both the work of The Deep and the charities that we support. 

Not got yours yet? All badges and feathers are available from our Reception and Shop desks - the perfect stocking filler that keeps on giving.

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