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Banner The Deep debut on Big Week at the Zoo

The Deep debut on Big Week at the Zoo

22nd August 2018

It was fantastic seeing Emma, our Penguin Keeper, last night on Channel 5’s Big Week at the Zoo - It goes without saying that being involved in the programme is really exciting!

It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase what The Deep is about, not only to our loyal visitors, but to the entire country. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes, from the level of care we provide for our animals to the crucial research and activity for species conservation… it’s really great to be able to get more of that information out there – especially so, because it comes directly from those that look after these animals day in day out.

Education and awareness is a key component for us (zoos and aquariums) to succeed, and this programme is all about that. By celebrating the crucial work - the un-seen work - that goes on behind the scenes within a selection of some of the UK best zoos and aquariums, it is hoped that we can be seen as more than ‘just a good day out. We want everyone to know that just by visiting and supporting your BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) zoo or aquarium, you are contributing to species conservation across the globe. You are making a difference.

The work achieved for penguin conservation alone is a prime example of that. Since their arrival in 2014 our colony of Gentoo penguins have become ambassadors for their wild counterparts. All of our penguins have been bred in zoos, and by having them under care, not only can we contribute to crucial breeding programmes but we can inspire and raise awareness of the threats they face. Getting up close and personal is important for developing an emotional connection. An animals sound and smell becomes seated deep in a person’s memory, it heightens the senses – and ultimately makes you truly care about them.

Over the past 4 years through public donation, we have been able to raise over £80,000 for global penguin conservation initiatives. This money has assisted in fundamental chick rearing to bolster the populations for the endangered African Penguin in South Africa and research into population monitoring and management of the endangered Galapagos Penguin in South America. However even more importantly, the money has been able to fund the development of the global IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Penguin Conservation Strategy which will go on to inform conservation action for all 18 species of penguin across the world.

Those that have watched the show so far will have seen that we had the pleasure of One Show presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff join us at The Deep.  Miranda was brilliant to work with – she really got stuck in cleaning out our penguins. We can’t wait to see what happens on Friday when she meets our Loggerhead sea turtles Sensa and Mabouche…. tune in at 8pm, Channel 5 to find out!



13th August 2018

We are so excited to finally announce that The Deep will be featuring in the channel 5 TV show 'Big Week at the Zoo'. Tune in and see Miranda Krestovnikoff joining our Aquarists as they care for our penguins, feed the sea turtles and release the juvenile Zebra sharks in their new home in Endless ocean.

Going live from Monday 20th August at 8pm, this week long show will take you behind the scenes at some of the UK's most well known zoos and aquariums. See what it takes to look after some of the worlds most endangered species and the work that goes into their conservation across the globe.

See the full line up here



10th August 2018

Have you ever wondered what this structure is outside The Deep? This is a diving bell – specifically the 'Globe Probe 2' – an underwater chamber used to transport divers to the depths of the seafloor and communicate with ships on the surface. The worker inside would report on the condition of wrecks and direct recovery vehicles in salvage operations. Take a peek inside the port holes and you will see all the original gear used for this purpose. This particular diving bell was made in Cottingham, not far from Hull in 1981. In historic terms that makes it quite new. In 1535, Guglielmo de Lorena created and used what is considered to be the first modern diving bell.

We asked the helpful staff at the National Museum of the Royal Navy if they knew any more about the Globe Probe 2....

The Globe Probe is an Observation Bell which would be lowered by cable to a wreck site and from which the observer would direct salvage equipment (e.g. cranes, grabs) being operated from the surface. Manufactured of stainless steel, it was capable of operating down to 500m, with the observer in direct contact with the surface for communication and air. The concept was pioneered by Dr Robert Davis of the Siebe Gorman Company in the 1920s and is illustrated in his book 'Submarine and Deep Sea Operations'. The last use of our Globe Probe was to assist in elements of salvage work carried out on the destroyer HMS Coventry, which was sunk by the Argentineans during the Falklands War in 1982. The holes were deliberately drilled to render the Bell useless after its operational life was over. The Globe Probe was last used to recover material from HMS Coventry after the Falklands conflict, including the Cross of Nails that now sits in Coventry cathedral.

Nowadays, however, this bell has a new purpose... Equipped with a solar panel, bench and 2 USB charging points, the 'Globe Probe 2' has been transformed into a power providing, device charging, al fresco resting place! It's free for all to use so fill your boots (or phone) with its green energy goodness!

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