The Deep is an education and conservation charity and as such, conservation is at the heart of everything we do. It is because of our loyal visitors that we are able to carry out vital research and conservation work, both in-house, in the UK and right across the world.

The Deep has produced a video to solidify its mission and purpose for being, what we are truly about. We are more than just a tourist attraction. Put simply, we are "for the oceans, for their future".

The Deep's aim is to help raise public awareness of marine conservation issues of national and global significance. You too can help make a difference, by even the simplest of things - turning off the tap when you brush your teeth, switching to low energy lightbulbs, buying sustainable fish or taking part in our beach cleans.

At any one time, we have mutiple research and conservation projects up and running. Find out more about our research and conservation projects.

The Deep team are passionate about protecting the oceans and the species that live within, so our projects all focus on the aquatic environment. From protecting endangered penguins in Antarctica, to monitoring Manta Ray populations in the Red Sea or safeguarding the future of endangered animals, our dedicated team of Aquarists are carrying out pioneering work.


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