Join us for our next instalment of 'Dive Deeper' evening talks, on Tuesday 23rd April 2024 at 6:30pm, as we explore innovative and sustainable drainage technology and its role in helping towns and cities like Hull adapt to the consequences of climate change, conservation efforts to save the beautiful Tansy beetle, and finally the Lincolnshire Chalk Stream project and the efforts to translocate the rare Crystal Moss animal.

Sit back and enjoy a relaxed evening of informative talks from local speakers:

Dr Stuart McLelland - Deputy Director of the Energy and Environment Institute

Floods and SuDS

We are at increasing risk of flooding due to climate change and land-use change. Climate change brings increased sea level and changes to the frequency and intensity of storm events. Land-use change, particularly urban development, reduces the space for water and increases surface runoff contributing to greater flood risk. We need to address this challenge by building sustainable drainage systems to make space for water and increase the capacity of the land to absorb and store water. To do this better we need more data to be smarter – I will talk about this challenge and how we are pioneering new approaches to the problem in Hull.

Phill Robinson - Senior Aquarist at The Deep

Tansy Beetle Conservation at The Deep

It is the role that Zoos and Aquaria play in native conservation projects which, although sometimes overlooked in favour of the ‘larger’ and more charismatic projects, can be some of the most vital in terms of the importance of the difference that can be made with the support received. This talk will focus on the work that The Deep has contributed to the conservation of an iconic local species, the Tansy Beetle, which has been undertaken in collaboration with the Tansy Beetle Action Group.

Ruth Craig & Sarah Teasel - Lincolnshire Chalk Stream Project Officer & Trainee Officer Apprentice

Species Recovery Project – translocation of a Fresh water Bryozoan

The Lincolnshire Chalk Streams project is an active project of several organisations working with landowners, farmers and communities to enhance the chalk streams and surrounding landscape. The project partnership has been actively restoring the chalk streams for species like Brown trout, European otter and Kingfisher since 2016. The LCSP are undertaking a new project to help translocate a tiny rare species of fresh water bryozoan affectionately named the Crystal Moss Animal to help recover populations in the Greater Lincolnshire area. The LCSP are now on a collaborative journey along with, The Deep and Nottingham University to establish the best approach for a successful translocation.


Tickets are just £7.50 per person and must be pre-booked via The Deep‘s website. During the evening, the bar will be open and serving a range of draft beers, wines, soft/hot drinks and snacks.

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