13 March 2024

In a quest to be crowned the 2024 Penguin Champion, 48 penguins representing 10 different species have been nominated from zookeepers and aquarists around the world eager to go head-to-head in Penguins International’s Annual March of the Penguin Madness competition. This light-hearted contest helps raise global awareness of all penguin species, including African Penguins, Humboldt Penguins, Magellanic Penguins, King Penguins, Chinstrap Penguins, Gentoo Penguins, Northern Rockhopper Penguins, Southern Rockhopper Penguins, Macaroni Penguins and Little Blue Penguins. Now, the time has come for another penguin champion to emerge!

Gentoo penguin, Lizzie, is this year’s nominee for The Deep, and they need your help to vote for her. Aptly named, Lizzie loves to be ‘queen of her ice castle’; she hatched at The Deep in the late Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday year. Daughter to penguins Leo and Diane, Lizzie is highly sociable and cheeky- often climbing up to places she shouldn’t! Yet to pair up during breeding season, Lizzie is a strong, independent penguin who loves stealing the spotlight from her ‘annoying’ younger brother, Wilber! 

The public will be able to vote for their favourite penguin utilizing Penguin International’s website as well as on social media. The first round of voting will open on March 17th 2024, where polls are announced and opened for a 48-hour voting period to allow for people around the world to cast their ballot. Penguins that make it through each round continue on each week, until only one penguin is crowned the “Peng Win Champion”.

Katie Propp, the Chief Operations Officer at Penguins International, stated “We want to highlight penguins in zoos and aquariums that serve as ambassadors to their species. Around 9 out of the 18 penguin species are threatened with extinction, and penguin ambassadors at zoos and aquariums inspire guests to want to save their wild counterparts.” 

Swim across to The Deep’s social media channels to be ready for March 17th, when the first round of voting will open. Lizzie is in Division 5, up against Adal from Newport Aquarium. 

Notes for Editors:

Penguins International 

Penguins International is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Denver, Colorado, USA. Founded in 2017 their mission is to protect penguins, to protect the planet! This mission is accomplished by actively engaging in penguin conservation projects to advance knowledge and understanding of penguins through scientific research, and to promote awareness of threats to penguins through conservation education programs. Currently, 9 out of 18 species of penguins are threatened with extinction. Penguins are marine sentinels and indicators of ocean health and Penguins International programs and events are designed to protect them for future generations to enjoy.