Searching for a group visit with an educational twist?

Bring along your school, college or other organised group to one of our Science with Bite sessions and enjoy a relaxed afternoon of learning, suitable for young people aged 11-18! 

Delivered between 3.00pm and 5.30pm on Wednesdays, these sessions offer a quieter, more informal environment where smaller groups can explore the attraction at their own leisure. 

Learners are able to select one of the following sessions; Adaptation, Classification, Conservation and Animal Care. Each session has focused work at the exhibits and the opportunity to explore different areas of the attraction. In addition, we are now offering Deep Discovery, providing group leaders the opportunity to discuss and develop their own sessions with our Education Team! 

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This informative session focuses on the adaptation of sharks. Our Endless Ocean exhibit is home to many species of shark; through observation and discussion at the exhibit, learners can develop their knowledge and understanding of adaptation. The highlights of this session include the use of Biofact, tactile materials such as shark teeth, shark egg cases and shark jaws to aid learning. 


To develop an initial understanding of classification, learners begin with a series of games that focus on Gentoo penguins. A short task then follows which encourages learners to create their own key to identify fish species in the Lagoon of Light exhibit and shark species in Endless Ocean. The afternoon finishes with a task that builds on the learners’ knowledge of classification nomenclature, as they refer to humans, sharks and penguins. 


As a conservation charity, The Deep is involved with several important conservation and research programs. Learners will have the opportunity to discover more about The Deep’s conservation work and ask questions to develop their understanding. 

Animal Care

This session takes a closer look at how the Aquarists feed and care for The Deep’s animals. Breeding programs, veterinary care and enrichment needs are also discussed in the session. Learners are encouraged to ask questions to expand their knowledge.

Deep Discovery

The Deep’s Education Team are experienced in devising and delivering bespoke programmes to suit the focus of a group’s needs, using the attraction to create a unique learning experience. For instance, education groups have visited recently to provide inspiration for focused Art, Drama, Creative Writing and Photography and Maths projects, which are then developed back in their own learning environment. Topical issues of climate change, plastics in the ocean and conservation can also be selected as a focus. You name it, we can tailor your sessions to meet your individual requirements!

Session prices are £10.50 per young person per session. These prices represent a subsidised rate with added value over the standard daytime educational visit, as you will be working at the exhibits in the attraction. 

We can accommodate a minimum of 12 and maximum of 16 learners per session, though we are able to deliver two sessions on one date from the same organisation. You may choose to book for a one-off-session or why not consider expanding your Science with Bite experience to an ongoing series of up to three visits?

If this sounds like the right fit for your group, please get in touch with us by emailing to express your interest. Our team will then contact you to discuss the content of your session and further details.

‘Sea’ you soon!