26 January 2024

We are delighted to now be using Notpla packaging for some of our products in The Deep’s café. 

Notpla’s range of seaweed-based food containers are carefully engineered to eliminate waste. Their sustainable packaging offers a ground-breaking solution; where most food containers are manufactured with a petrol-based, plastic coating that means the product cannot be fully recycled, Notpla’s is made from a 100% natural seaweed coating. Once the packaging is finished with, the whole product can be composted and will disappear without a trace! 

Most of the fifty million takeaway boxes used in the UK each year end up in landfill. To protect takeaway boxes from the oil and water found in food, it’s a little-known fact that most are lined with a plastic coating, meaning this packaging cannot be recycled and will take years to break down. Unlike other products, Notpla can also be recycled in paper waste streams, enabling a second life for the paper fibres. Their products are also home-compostable, regenerating into fertile soil and taking just six weeks to safely break down. 

Why seaweed?

  • Seaweed grows quickly, and needs no freshwater, land or fertiliser. 
  • It captures carbon and helps to reduce ocean acidification.
  • Seaweed is abundantly available and has near-magical material properties. 
  • Uplifts coastal communities and boosts ocean diversity.

Importantly, Notpla has a significantly lower carbon footprint than conventional plastic or plastic-lined food containers. Emitting two to three times less greenhouse gases than the plastic-based alternatives throughout their entire life cycle, from production to disposal, the products offer a more sustainable solution. 

Chris Saddington, Food & Beverage Manager at The Deep, said: “As a conservation charity, we are constantly on the look-out for improving our sustainable food packaging solutions. Sourcing a product that is suitable for storing both hot and cold food, as well as being completely compostable, has been a challenge for us. That’s why we are thrilled to now be working with Notpla, as they have provided a one-stop solution for all our needs.”

The team at Notpla added: “The Deep show their commitment to the environment and sustainability across all areas of the business. We couldn’t be happier about working with them on reducing single use plastic and restoring planetary health.”

Currently, The Deep is using the burger clamshell box and the street food long tray, with plans to work with Notpla on sandwich boxes. 

For more information on Notpla, visit: https://www.notpla.com/