We would love to welcome your students for an enjoyable and informative afternoon of learning at The Deep. Our 'Out of School' sessions offer a quieter, informal environment where smaller groups of students can explore the attraction at a more leisurely pace.

Our Wednesday sessions are delivered from 3.00pm until 5.30pm.  To begin we like to allow for refreshments in our Observatory Café where students can take a moment to adjust to a more informal setting and understand their learning focus before heading into the attraction for their experience. Before leaving students may visit the Deep shop.

This out of school programme has been shown to be effective in developing communication skills between students and with other adults. The opportunity to ask questions, reinforce and consolidate their learning in small groups within an informal safe space has been seen to raise attainment and confidence of students.

‘Science – With Bite’

The 1½ hour Science Club session for Secondary School Pupils has been delivered successfully for many years.  Schools are able to select from; Adaptation, Classification, Conservation with Animal Care and Animal Behaviour.  Each session has focused work at the exhibits and the opportunity to explore part of the attraction with one of our teachers. You may choose to book for a one-off session or why not consider expanding your Science - With Bite sessions to an ongoing series of up to 4 visits. 


This session focuses on adaptation of sharks. Many types of sharks are viewed within the attraction and through observation, discussion and work at the exhibits students develop their knowledge and understanding of the adaptation of these amazing creatures.  The use of our Biofact collection of shark teeth, shark egg cases and shark jaws is a highlight of this session. 


Through a series of games and using Penguins as a starting focus, students develop confidence and understanding of classification.  A short task encourages students to create their own key to identify sharks.  A final task develops an understanding of classification nomenclature as they refer to humans, penguins and sharks.

Conservation and Animal Care

This session investigates the different ways the aquarists at The Deep feed and care for our animals throughout the attraction. The breeding programmes and veterinary care needed are also discussed. There is a huge amount of varied conservation and research work at The Deep, students have the opportunity to ask questions about anything they are interested in.

Animal Behaviour

The Animal Behaviour session works through a set of questions each considering different ways of collecting effective data (observing behaviour, timings of reactions) to draw conclusions. This session uses Royal Tangs (Dory), jellyfish, shoaling fish in the big tank and other animals within The Deep.

Student study group 1
Students with Ray
Deep Discovery

We are now offering teachers the opportunity to discuss and develop their own sessions with our in-house teachers as well as the usual four sessions. Our teachers have experience of devising and delivering learning programmes to suit any students, using the attraction to create a unique learning experience. More recently Schools have used the attraction as inspiration for focused Art, Drama, Creative Writing and Photography and Maths projects which are then developed back at school. Topical issues of Climate change, Plastics in the Ocean and Conservation can also be selected as a focus. If time allows The Deep’s Biofact collection can be experienced in the Sea Lab classrooms before an optional visit to the shop! 

The Deep’s attraction is an engaging and awe-inspiring exhibition space with beautiful displays and amazing animals which certainly gets students talking.

You name it, we can tailor your sessions to meet your individual requirements.

Session prices are £10 per student per session. These prices represent a subsidised product with added value over the standard daytime education product as you will be working amongst the exhibits in the attraction.  There is a minimum participation of 12 students (£120) and maximum of 16 students per session. The Deep can deliver 2 sessions on one date from the same school using two of The Deep's teachers.

Please get in touch if you feel that your group would enjoy a chance to take part.  You can email us at education@thedeep.co.uk or call 01482 381 000 to express your interest. We will then contact you to discuss the content of your session and further details.

We look forward to hearing from you.