The Deep is pleased to offer the opportunity for your group to join us for Silver Sharks!

Silver sharks

Open to those over 55, we invite your group to come and learn about magnificent ocean animals, The Deep’s conservation work and some of the issues facing our marine world today.  Silver Sharks sessions are available on selected weekdays in term-time from 3pm-5pm.

Silver Sharks afternoons include an informative presentation, a closer look at our displays and the chance for informal discussion with The Deep team, enabling science learning for mature members of our region’s community groups.  You may be a group of neighbours, a yoga class, part of a community centre, retirees from a particular organisation or linked through a medical condition for example.  We can accommodate a minimum of 18 and maximum 24 people, which can include carers.  You may choose to book for a one-off session or why not consider expanding your Silver Sharks sessions into an ongoing series of 3 to 6 visits.

Whether your group members missed out on science during their younger years or have an interest in continuing their science knowledge and understanding of the marine world, Silver Sharks caters for all and our sessions can be adapted to follow your preferred subject area.  The afternoon will start with a talk: before your arrival day we will liaise with your group leader about which themes you’d like to learn about.  Subjects can be as varied as looking at UK sharks, to sharing details of our turtle rehabilitation work in New England, to saving our fragile coral reefs, to how we can all tackle the problem of marine plastics.  After a tea break the afternoon will then continue with a look at some of the displays at The Deep, concentrating on areas of the exhibition which link to the day’s theme.

Please get in touch if you feel that your group would enjoy a chance to take part, by emailing  We will then contact you to discuss available dates, the content of your session and further details, including our commitment to accessibility for all.  We’re able to accommodate all levels of learning, so it doesn’t matter if you passed no O-levels at school or are a university graduate.  Our in-house teachers have experience of teaching those aged 2 to 102!  We are also experienced in welcoming people with a range of disabilities so please do join us if you, or those in your group, have any physical or learning challenges.  Everyone is welcome.

Attendees require a valid Deep entry ticket for the day of your visit currently priced at £19.50 (60+) or £21.00 (under 60) – this can be purchased upon arrival for your Silver Sharks session.  If any of your members already hold an Annual Pass (our yearly ticket) this can, of course, be used.  Group rates or any other discounts cannot be applied against Silver Sharks entry.  Anyone who wishes for their ticket to be an Annual Pass at no extra cost would simply need to provide their details to our Reception team.

We look forward to hearing from you.